Case Study: Site Leads Learning Series


In May 2020 we launched our NHS Quest Site Leads Learning Series.


As NHS Trusts across the country responded to the challenges and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, NHS Quest wanted to ensure we maintained our support for our network whilst not burdening them with additional work and use of their resources.

We put together a rapid change learning package based on our observations and discussions with NHS staff to not only deal with the COVID-19 pandemic but improve, innovate, and support each other through a global pandemic of levels of harm this generation had never seen before.

What we did

As part of our support, we created a webinar series for our NHS Quest Site Leads. Sessions were held weekly to share learning, experiences, and observations initially focused around improvement, innovation, and ensuring staff health and wellbeing.

The sessions were set up based on the rapid learning package and its drivers, and invited our network to share their thoughts and observations on what they had seen and experienced throughout the on-going pandemic. It was clear from the initial response that the opportunity to discuss as a network would be helpful, engaging, and beneficial. Sessions were kept timely at 45 minutes each to ensure a short focused session each week for all to contribute to. Topics were agreed in advance to enable site leads to invite relevant colleagues from within their Trust.


The sessions have been well received by our network, with 160 people attending our 20 sessions that have been held since mid-May. We have also consciously increased our social media activity, through the use of ‘#questlearning’ to continue the shared learning outside of the sessions. As a result of our increased activity and engagement with the network on social media, we have seen over 55,000 engagements on Twitter and over 30,000 impressions on ‘#Questlearning‘.

The common purpose and experiences that the pandemic has brought has reinvigorated our network and demonstrated how effective it is when members are engaged and committed to developing a safe and supportive learning environment. Our Site Leads have reflected on the sessions and have expressed how helpful having a space to share experiences, learn from each other and keep in contact through challenging times. There has also been high praise for the driver diagram and rapid change package, and their use to structure and aid discussions.

What our network said: 

“We think utilising the driver diagram (from the rapid change learning package) has been really useful to put a structure around the work and discussions. We’ve also enjoyed and learned from other members from them sharing  what they have been working on, as well as their approach and the learning from COVID-19.”

“I have found the webEx sessions really valuable for sharing learning, experience and ideas. It has also help bring the Quest community closer together and really emphasise the triple aims that the membership are working towards.”
– Dr Adrian Richardson, Frimley Health NHS FT

“I have benefited from getting to know the site leads more (as much as you can from a computer screen) as individuals, and the sharing of learning between us. From knowing each other more, more informal contact will, and has, take place. Sharing our learning has and will continue to shape how we all use the Network going forward in a positive way, feeling safe to ask questions and share issues, knowing we will all respond positively.

Thanks for leading the weekly discussions.”

“The sessions have been great and worked well especially giving the opportunity to share trusts’ experiences of their response to covid, how they are learning from this, and the  tools used to evaluate”


Over the last 10 weeks our site leads have also led a number of sessions themselves, sharing with the network their specific Trust’s learning from COVID-19 and action plans, their Quality Improvement strategy journey, and insights into how they continue to embed a continuous improvement culture across the organisations and NHS Quest. As we move into more specific focused topics the network is in a great position to continue to thrive and develop.