Quality Improvement Leaders: A conversation with Andrew Foster

Date: Thursday 22 April, 2-3pm
Where: Virtual session (1hr)
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Quality Improvement Leaders: A conversation with Andrew Foster

We look forward to welcoming you to NHS Quest’s ‘Quality Improvement for Leaders’ webinar session with Andrew Foster, Chair Of Manx Care on Thursday 22nd April 2021. This is part of a series of short webinars from prominent QI leaders from across the NHS and beyond.

About the session
Andrew will present the second Adrienne Cullen Patient Safety Lecture which is the story of Quality Improvement and Staff Engagement at WWL.

Adrienne went into a famous Teaching Hospital in Holland in 2013 for a small gynae procedure which included a routine cervical smear. The test was positive but the results were lost for two years by when it was too late and she died in 2018. The hospital refused to accept blame or pay compensation and generally dealt with her dreadfully. She became the spearhead of the most famous public patient safety campaign in Holland attracting the interest of politicians and even the Dutch Royal Family. The hospital was eventually forced to apologise and pay compensation.

As part of the settlement, she demanded and got an annual Adrienne Cullen patient safety lecture and gave the first one herself. Before she died, she researched patient safety, identified the work in WWL and invited Andrew to give the second lecture in 2019 – a famous University Teaching Hospital being given a lecture by an unheard of English DGH!


Andrew is the Chair Of Manx Care, the integrated provider of all forms of health and social care on the Isle of Man which comes into being on 1 April 2021. Previously he was interim Managing Director of the NHS Leadership Academy and Executive Lead for Leadership at NHSE/I. This followed 12 years as Chief Executive at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS FT including being a founding member and Chair of NHS Quest. Previously he was Director of HR for the NHS at the Department of Health.



Registration: Please register for the event here

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