Experience Day: Leading as peers: humility to lead and courage to follow

Date: Wednesday 3rd April 2019
Venue: Huddersfield Royal Infirmary
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Experience Day: Leading as peers: humility to lead and courage to follow

Please join us for the next NHS Quest Experience Day, which will focus on Leadership and Followership. The event will be hosted by Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust and held on Wednesday 3rd April at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

The Aim of the day is to explore how NHS organisations can effectively provide leadership, expertise and support to challenged peer organisations and share best practice in making such improvement partnerships work.

The day will be a chance to network with your colleagues from other NHS Quest member trusts to share ideas and learning around the topic of leadership and Followership.

Why now?

The transformational change being undertaken in the NHS and wider public sector requires more than ever strong and effective leadership. The 10 year plan reinforces a fundamental shift from sovereign organisational ambitions to one where the expectation is about being more collegiate and collaborative across multiple partners.

In this context, there is an increasing trend towards organisations that have been recognised as “successful” being asked to support other organisations who have either self-identified or have been externally assessed as requiring help. In some instances, such arrangements have progressed on a mutually collaborative basis but in others there has been an air of resistance or reluctance from the organisations involved regardless of the part played.

We seek to explore what senior organisational leadership can learn from the differing perspectives of the organisations who are involved in such arrangements. For example, what’s it like to be the lead organisation in such circumstances and what Board level considerations need to be thought through in terms of maintaining sovereign performance requirements whilst providing support? Equally, what is the experience for the organisation with the greater improvement requirement in terms of reputation management, staff morale and dealing with the potential backdrop of intense regulatory scrutiny?

This workshop posits that if we could move to a collective space where such arrangements were driven from a perspective of leading together as peers, there would be a greater chance of achieving key outcomes and reducing the requirements for regulatory interventions which can sometimes be problematic.

Using examples from the NHS and beyond, leaders of organisations who exemplify ‘leading as peers’ will on the day share their experiences of what it feels like to work with another organisation to improve. It will explore factors in ensuring successful improvement support, whether through a formal or informal partnership or collaborative arrangement. The day will include perspectives from organisations in roles of “supporter” and “supported” providing invaluable learning for what will inevitably become the norm for leaders operating in collaborative roles such as those required in the emerging Integrated Care System world.

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