Lights! Camera! Improvement!…at a distance

This online film workshop will bid a fond farewell to the ‘how to’ guide and look at how you can practically produce quality video content using equipment you already have.


About the event

We are able to facilitate this workshop outside of these dates, for groups of two or more (maximum of 6)

Film and digital media has changed the way we live our lives. Film empowers citizens and provides new opportunities to gather information from a vast array of sources instantly. Libraries have been replaced by search engines and the phonebook by social media. The speed that we exchange learning has accelerated beyond recognition.

Despite this, in our work we continue to disseminate knowledge in traditional ways, with written reports, leaflets and posters.

This online film workshop is split into two halves, on day one you will learn instantly applicable skills in pre-production, filming and editing. You’ll learn the skills needed to harness the power of your own devices to spread your organisation’s message. We’ll send you away with everything you need to make your first film, then reconvene 3 weeks later for the second half where you will share your film and learning.

Our film workshop is available for those looking to spread messages and restore hope through film and is ran online, meaning it’s easily accessible to all.

The workshop will be lead by our Digital team, including our Senior Digital Communication Manager and Multimedia Content Producer.

The content

Across two halves on two separate days, the workshop will introduce you to Haelo and our work via film, we’ll take you through the topics of;

  • Why film?
  • Why isn’t film translated into healthcare and improvement as well other sectors yet?
  • Challenges and stumbling blocks
  • The fun of film!
  • Hints and Tips

How to book

Get in touch with Haelo to discuss a bespoke opportunity for your team, including international teams in different time zones!

We also offer this workshop face to face, attend Lights! Camera! Improvement workshop hosted here in Haelo HQ, Salford Quays. Find out more.