Hats off to IS4L graduates


Congratulations to members who recently graduated the IS4 improvement science programme!

On the 3rd May 2017, NHS Quest teams; Royal United Bath, Wigan, Wrightington and Leigh and Homerton, graduated Improvement Science for Leaders (IS4L) as they completed the 12 month improvement science collaborative with flying colours.

IS4 is Haelo’s flagship improvement programme, a year-long bespoke team based training programme in improvement science that includes a blend of web-based learning, improvement coaching and site visits. As part of the NHS Quest membership, members can join the programme, that would usually cost £15,000 per team.

On exactly a year since IS4L cohort two began their improvement journey with Haelo, the NHS Quest teams joined others from Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC) and Greater Manchester Cancer | Vanguard Innovation to the The Landing, MediaCityUK to attend their IS4L Graduation.

The day was hosted by the IS4 faculty and included guest speakers including a previous alumnus. All teams were asked to do a short presentation on their progress and results from the last 12 months.

The ‘Silver Strength’ team from Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust, were first of the NHS Quest teams to present their project: Improving patient experience by undertaking the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment. The team, Micky Mulhotra, Josie Broderick and Karen Atkinson talked the room through their improvement journey. Their assessment was a success, which can be used as a effective qualitative and quantitative measure. Together they learnt to ensure a single clear vision and have the right team members on the project to make an impact, which still presents as a challenge. Their next steps include making the tool electronic. Congratulations to all!

Team ‘Hackney in ITT’, Homerton University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust presented with their project: Increasing numbers of service users receiving timely multidisciplinary care. Despite taking five months wrestling with their aim, they cracked it and everything consequently fell into place. The team achieved their aim and plan to reinforce and maintain their successful changes. They have a whole host of actions as they plan their next steps. Well deserved success!

Last but certainly not least, IS4 went Hollywood with a pre-recorded presentation from the ‘ISaid’ team (featured picture, bottom left), Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS FT with the aim: Reducing insulin admission errors. Congratulations to the team and we’re sorry we weren’t able to celebrate your achievements in person.

The IS4L graduation event was a fantastic opportunity to share learning and celebrate the great work of cohort two teams and individuals who have gone above and beyond to make a real difference to healthcare and for patients.

What’s next for IS4 graduates?

Teams took a complex subject and mastered it, they are now tasked to take it back to their organisations to share learning and encourage continuous improvement. This is in no way the end of the journey. Graduates join the alumni programme, so together they can learn from each other and continue to scale up and spread their improvement in the years to come.

Completion of the course takes graduates to the next level as an improvement science expert, they are now encouraged to attend the Scale Up Academy taking place in July. As part of your NHS Quest membership, one place has been reserved per each organisation (not just graduates). To book your free place and to reserve places for your team, please send a request to your PMO on nhs.quest@nhs.net

Recruitment has now closed for the next cohort of teams set to begin their IS4 journey. But we’ll be in touch to let you know when the next opportunity comes along. You can read the full event blog on Haelo’s website.