Hot Topic: NHS Anchor Organisations


“Work to tackle racism and discrimination within the health and care system must continue at pace with a clear commitment for increasing diverse leadership at all levels in health and care system, reflecting the communities being served”

Over the last year, we have seen the NHS show courage and innovation, to support our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we start to rebuild services and focus on recovery from the pandemic improving pathways to good employment within the NHS is an even more significant tool to tackle and confront health inequalities. By providing pathways to good employment, we can start to drive improvement and support better health in local communities.

The NHS as an Anchor

The NHS Long Term Plan (2019) recognises the greater potential of NHS organisations to improve population health and wellbeing by thinking beyond the provision of care services.

There are now many opportunities for the NHS as an Anchor organisation, and specifically for local employment. First developed in the US, Anchor Organisations are large, typically non-profit public sector organisations whose long-term sustainability is tied to the wellbeing of the population they serve (The Health Foundation, 2019).

At this time of national crisis the NHS must now stand up and do more than its brilliant work in caring for the sick. In addition to delivering health services, as a result of its size, scale and relationship with communities, the NHS can positively influence other factors that contribute to good health, such as offering secure and stable employment to support local residents.

But how do we do this at scale, and are we going further, faster enough?  

On Monday 14th June, our Quest CEOs and senior leaders will come together to further the discussion around the NHS as an anchor organisation, and the employment opportunities this brings. The session will be chaired by Raj Jain, Chief Executive, and supported by Donna McLaughlin, Director of Social Value at the Northern Care Alliance. The session will share insight and learning around the NHS as an Anchor and focus on how NHS Quest can drive forward the opportunity as an employer to support wellbeing and social value.

If you are interested in finding out more about the session or joining, please email Andrea McGuinness, NHS Quest Lead.

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