Site Leads Network

Our site lead and improvement leaders network is here to support you to develop as a Quality Improvement Leader.


Our site leads connect fortnightly through facilitated 45 minute dialogues and discussions with colleagues across the network on current topics, future challenges and your network priorities.

As part of the network, there are also opportunities to showcase your organisation and get involved with experience events across the Quest membership.

This network provides you with a space to connect and share challenges and successes with colleagues across the network who also have responsibility in delivering your organisation QI ambitions.


Our programmes are designed with you to support your development as a Quality Improvement leader and provide you with access to coaching, support and opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills in the theory and delivery of QI.

Learning alongside network colleagues and with external speakers about the behaviour, culture, impact and outputs required for successful organisations and systems.


Our site leads network enables you to co-design and co-deliver Quest programmes across the full Quest network and across your organisation.

It provides the opportunity for you to share your unique knowledge and skills to support others and influence change.

There are also opportunities for you to partner with Quest to collate case studies to showcase your work on a national scale.

Case study

This case study provides an insight into the site leads learning series that was delivered to support our network throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.