Best Employer Brand


NHS Quest has decided to add to its core role as a quality improvement network by developing an Employment Brand

It is our overarching objective to transform all NHS Quest member organisations so they feature in the top 20% NHS trusts to work by 2020 as measured by the NHS staff survey, and should go on to raise employment standards to be and then beyond, the best in the NHS. The underlying objective is to gain a competitive edge in recruitment and retention as so many of the NHS’s challenges stem from workforce shortages.

Employment leads from all member Trusts met in February 2017 and determined that there were four main components of the employment brand, referred to as primary drivers: 1. An optimistic and compassionate organisational culture 2. Excellent personal development and career opportunities 3. Employee-centred employment practices 4. An empowered and engaged workforce. Under each of these headings we will develop a set of standards and the plan is that all NHS Quest Employers will commit to compliance with these standards.

You can access more information about Best Employer Brand events and resources in the members-area (you must be logged in to view this page – access only to NHS Quest members).

NHS Quest employment brand driver diagram