Experience Days

Improvement Science Training


Formally known as Peer Site Visits, NHS Quest Experience Days facilitate and deepen learning whilst celebrating achievement across the NHS Quest network in pursuit of excellence.


Each visit is hosted by a NHS Quest member organisation and is often designed around a specific theme. The programme of Experience Days aims to:


  • Highlight and learn from innovations, stand out improvements and new ways of working within member organisations
  • Bring together peers face to face to share learning, exchange ideas, debate different approaches and observe results on the ground
  • Get ‘beneath the surface’ of improvements to understand what works and why
  • Bring collective know-how to bear on common problems and thorny issues
  • Inspire new ways of thinking and doing within member organisations


We operate several different approaches to delivering an experience day:

  • Learning Exchange
  • Immersive Site Visit
  • Immersive Site Visit and Showcase
  • Immersive Site Visit and Learning Exchange
  • Challenge Workshop


Experience Days support peer relationships across the network at executive, site lead and clinical level. Members increase the pool of ideas, approaches to challenges and tools that member organisations have access to, building collective intelligence around improving the quality, safety and experience of care and around wider organisational development.

If you’re a member organisation and wish to host the next experience day at your Trust, or you have an idea for our next theme, contact the Project Management Office.