Strategic Dashboard

The Quest Strategic Dashboard allows member organisations to see the benefits of their improvement efforts in real time, through the use of run charts, funnel plots and interactive dashboards.

Member Organisations have access to a quick and easy tool that allows them to look at variation within organisations over a wide range of data sources, on a national level as well as data specific to Quest programmes.

March 2016 saw the launch of a new dashboard, designed to help members review key measures in areas of strategic importance and has the ability to link measures to specific NHS Quest improvement collaboratives. All the presentations of indicators are designed to help members answer two key questions: Are we making an improvement? What is the variation across the NHS Quest networks?

In addition, members are able to share information about their work, leave comments, questions or notes relating to specific NHS Quest workstreams. This helps to reinforce the use of data as an integral part of the collaborative process, as well as providing vital insight and feedback to the NHS Quest PMO and all members on how the network can continuously improve publication, presentation and effective use of data for improvement.

Access to the dashboard is available to members only and requires a password. If you are a member and require a password, please contact the Programme Management Office.

Measuring Value

NHS Quest have adapted a framework for value measurement in learning communities to enable the network to understand where value is being created for members in addition to the quantitative measures used to track improvement progress.


Access the Strategic Dashboard