Improving Theatre Safety

NHS Quest trusts strive to have the safest operating theatres in the country and are undertaking a project to develop exceptional safety awareness and healthy departmental cultures in this often high-pressure environment.

The use of the World Health Organisation Surgical Safety Checklist was a major step forward in improving theatre safety. However on its own it is still not enough with surgical ‘never events’ still occurring and evidence describing the influence of culture and human factors upon these adverse outcomes.

NHS Quest organisations are utilising their strengths as a national network to learn from each other’s work and share new innovative approaches in their mission to ensure patients receive the safest possible surgery, every time.

Using the clinical communities model, member trusts combined their expertise in June 2017 to launch the next stage of this ambitious improvement journey.

Members can access the programme resources in the member’s area (you must be logged in to view this page – access only to NHS Quest members).

NHS Quest Theatre Safety Culture
NHS Quest Theatre Safety Culture